Stax Ear Speaker + Driver Unit


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  • SR-007 MK2 SYSTEM 2

    SR-007 MK2 + SRM-727II

  • SR-007 MK2 SYSTEM

    SR-007 MK2 + SRM-007tII

  • SRS-5100

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    SR-L500 + SRM-353X

    • Original low noise dual FET at first stage as well as all stage direct coupling Class A DC amplifier configuration with no coupling capacitor has realized natural tone quality with large amount of information.
    • Further improved emitter follower at output stage has enabled wide range reproduction resulting in both the extended dynamic range at high frequency and improved over all tonal quality.
    • In addition to RCA input terminal, XLR balanced input terminal has been added to provide connection to wide range of audio equipment.
    • Custom made 2 axis 4 gang volume control
    • Extravagant non-magnetic aluminum alloy chassis
    • Components with little aging characteristics are hand selected for tonal quality and performance
  • SRS-3100

    The SR-L300 earspeaker employes new hand selected thin film diaphragm and tough stainless fixed electrodes.

  • SRS-005S MK2

    The SR-003MK2 is a 5-pin PRO bias type in-the-ear earspeaker

  • SRS 002

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    SRS 002

    Newly designed power supply for extended listening on battery without performance loss. Switchable power mode between Normal (performance) or ECO (battery saving)