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  • S651A

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    • Using high temperature resistant, light weight, KAPTON voice coil, while provide strong power output, durable.
    • Voice coil with CCAW copper clad aluminum wire winding, very light in weight, cooperate with KAPTON voice coil, highly dynamic make horn.
    • PP materials developed exclusive bass surface basin once injection molding, basin weight distribution is reasonable, achieve the effect of light weight, strong bass, sweet voice.
    • Special coating silk membrane, unwanted out-of-bandwidth harmonics and special AIDS to fill liquid, not only high frequency direct 20 k, clean and clear, devoid of the disadvantage of high frequency grating.
    • High and low unit coaxial design, effectively avoid over loudspeakers of intermediate frequency interference problem.
    • Tilting treble unit can rotate, specially designed for the installation of the car environment, guarantee the high frequency, directivity, make high frequency attenuation of extremely low.
    • Power is a rose gold series of smaller, but the sensitivity is higher, affordable, cost-effective.
    • Waterproof coating, all-weather use
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  • GF600A

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    • 6 Inch Bass unit
    • 25mm tweeter
    • Easy To Use Crossover Installation
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  • MR4

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    • Smooth frequency response for great audio reference
    • 1-inch silk dome tweeter and 4-inch diaphragm woofers deliver pure sound
    • MDF wooden cabinets minimize acoustic resonance
    • Simple connection to mixers, audio interfaces, computers or media players
    • Front-mounted headphone output and AUX input for convenience
    • Multi-functional knob for power, volume and sound effects toggle
    • Monitor and music modes to fit various scenarios
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  • R1380DB

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    • Wooden enclosure minimizes acoustic resonance
    • Class-D amplifier with 42W RMS power output
    • Bluetooth V5.1 connection
    • Qualcomm aptX technology
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  • MF5P

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    • Built with professional audio processors to amplify sound
    • Active noise detection and real-time feedback control
    • Music playback and voice amplifier work simultaneously
    • 12 hours continuous playback assured by 2200mAh battery
    • Bluetooth, AUX, USB drive, and micro SD card inputs
    Also Available here lazada shopee
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  • M601DB

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    • Digital volume control
    • Powerful output at 110W RMS
    • Wireless Sub Woofer with bass control
    • support most versatile connectivity with AUX, RCA, Optical and Bluetooth
    Also Available Here lazada shopee
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  • S351DB

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    • Bluetooth 5.0
    • Qualcomm aptX
    • Digital Optical & Coaxial input, PC/AUX dual analog inputs
    • 150W RMS total power
    • Titanium dome tweeters, aluminium diaphragm mids & 8″ subwoofer
    • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Dynamic Range Control (DRC)
    • IR Remote Control
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  • R2850DB

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    • Three-Way Bookshelf Speakers
    • MDF Wooden Enclosures
    • Built In Class-D Amplifier, DSP, and Electronic Crossover
    • Bluetooth 5.1 with aptX
    • 150W Total RMS
    • Versatile Connectivity: Line 1, Line 2, Optical, Coaxial, Bluetooth
    • Sub-out for External Subwoofer
  • R1700BTS

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    • Bluetooth 5.0
    • 66W Total Power Output
    • Remote Control
    • Wooden Enclosure
    • Dual RCA Line In
    • Sub-out port for subwoofer extension
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  • D12

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    • 2.0 Acoustics
    • DSP full digital audio processing
    • Bluetooth 5.0, stable transmission
    • Multiple input, easy to use
    • Wooden box, simple and elegant


  • R1280DBS

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    • Qualcomm Bluetooth V5.0 for stable wireless connection
    • Wooden enclosure isolates acoustic resonance and creates a classic look
    • Studio tuned sound from silk dome tweeter and 4-inch bass driver
    • 42 watts RMS total power for distortion-free listening
    • Audio inputs: Bluetooth, Optical, Coaxial and dual RCA inputs
    • Side panel control and wireless remote included
    • Sub-out output works with external subwoofer
    • Front-facing bass reflex port for punchy bass
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  • R33BT

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    • 100% wooden enclosure to minimize acoustic resonance
    • Bluetooth 5.0 ensures stable connection
    • 1/2-inch tweeter and 3.5 inch mid/bass driver
    • Total 10W RMS power output for rich sound
    • Top mounted controls for easy use
    • Audio source indicator clearly
  • R1855DB

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    • 2.0 Bluetooth multimedia speaker system
    • Φ19mm silk film tweeter and 4-inch Nomex diaphragm mid-range & bass drivers
    • 70W RMS high power output without distortion
    • Precise electronical crossover based on DSP technology
    • Bluetooth 5.1 technology ensures stable connection
    • Optical, Coaxial, Line in 1 and Line in 2 audio inputs available
    • Wireless remote control for easy operations
    • Sub-out output works with external subwoofer
    Also Available Here edifier r1855db
  • MP260

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    • Versatile function: Clock, Alarm; AUX, USB and micro SD inputs
    • Strong and Powerful: 8W (Tweeter) + 12W (Subwoofer)
    • Bluetooth 5.0V for faster and further signal transmission
    • 5200 mAh large capacity batteries for extended playback time
    • LED Screen for audio mode and Time display
    • The LED screen can automatically match environment brightness
    • Wooden box design delivers high-quality sound
    • Multi-function buttons for easier use
    • Side panel bass reflex port for great low-frequency bass
  • a300pro

    A300 Pro

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    A300 Pro

    • The cabinet of A300Pro is finished with a conservatively elegant walnut wood veneer.
    • Improved 6.5-inch aluminum cone, low distortion woofer in the A300.
    • Completely symmetrical power supply and amplifiers in the left and right speaker. Each speaker has an internal 150W high-efficiency, low-ripple switching power supply.
    • Woofer output power no less than 120W.
    • Tweeter output at 10W.
    • Texas Instrument digital power amplifier TPA3251.
    • XMOS xCore200 multi-core processor.
    • Texas Instruments’ TLV320AIC3268 digital processor.
    • KleerNet wireless transmission technology as interconnection.
    • Qualcomm QCC3031 series 5.0 Bluetooth chipset and supports AptX HD high-fidelity codec.
    • Best signal transmission, we also chose the renowned US based, TRANSPARENT internal speaker cables.


    Specifications: A300Pro

    Tweeter: Horn Loaded Ribbon Tweeter

    Mid-Woofer: 6.5 inch Aluminum Cone Underhung Design Mid-Woofer

    Amplifier System: Digital Amplifer With Xmos Processor

    Power Output: L/R(Treble):10W+10W, L/R(Woofer): 120W+120W

    Frequency Range: 40Hz-40KHz

    Signal-Noise Ratio: L/R: ≥90dB(A)

    Input Mode: AUX, USB, Optical, Coaxial, Bluetooth. Balance Input, Unbalance Input

    Input Sensitivity: Balanced:1100±50mV, Unbalanced: AUX:700±50mV, USB:550±50mFFs, Optical:500±50mFFs Coaxial:500±50mFFs, Bluetooth:500±50mFFs

    Main Voltage: 100-240 V AC/50-60 Hz

    Cabinet Size: (WxHxD) 225 x 385 x 350mm

    Net Weight: 25.6Kg (56.6 lbs)

    Gross Weight: 29.4Kg (65 lbs)

  • MP380

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    • Bluetooth 5.0 ensures wider transmission range but lower energy consumption
    • Two large-capacity batteries offer up to 8-hour playback time per charge
    • Aluminum alloy metal surface provides durable and mighty protection
    • The input includes U disk, TF card and AUX multi-audio sources
    • USB hub for multi-function use of easy to connect electronic devices
    • Built-in microphone makes it easy and convenient for calls
    • Mobile phones can be synchronized for incoming calls
  • a80


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    • Qualcomm’s Bluetooth V5.0 chipset
    • Class D amplifier with digital signal processing (XMOS) system.
    • 4.5inch aluminum cone mid-woofer driver.
    • 18-mm thick high-strength MDF cabinet with beautiful walnut finish.
    • Frequency response ranges from 52Hz to 40KHz.
    • Active HiFi speakers with Hi Res audio and versatile connections; Bluetooth, AUX, PC, USB and fiber optic.
    • 30mm diameter voice coil
    • Multi-core signal processor XMOS XU216.
    • Up to 2000MIPS processing horse-power.
    • Transparent audiophile grade speaker cable made in the USA for internal wiring.
  • S2000 MKIII

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    S2000 MKIII

    • Bluetooth V5.0 with Qualcomm® aptX™ HD decoding
    • 5 ½’’ Aluminium diaphragm drivers for ultimate bass response
    • Patent-pending planar diaphragm tweeters that adapt to a wide range of acoustic conditions
    • High efficiency Class-D digital power amplification
    • Electronic crossovers and dynamic control based on dual advanced DSP chips
    • Supports digital audio signal with sample rate up to 24BIT/192KHZ
    • Listening presets: Monitor, Dynamic, Classical, and Vocal
    • OLED LCD screen displays source/volume/sound effects modes for more convenient use
    • PVC side panels with matte black finish
    • IR remote control
  • S1000 MKII

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    S1000 MKII

    • Supports digital audio signal with sample rate up to 24BIT/216KHZ
    • Multiple Inputs include: Bluetooth/Optical/Coaxial/Line in
    • Bluetooth V5.0 with Qualcomm® aptX™ HD decoding
    • Pure Sound with advanced titanium dome tweeter
    • Electronic crossovers and dynamic control base d on DSP
    • High efficiency Class-D digital power amplification
    • 5.5-inch aluminum bass speaker for surge and wave bass
    • Design features l eather texture cabinet
    • Remote control included
  • edifier-t5


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    • 8" Speaker Driver for distortion-free bass
    • Low pass filter with 38Hz frequency response
    • Reduced acoustic resonance with MDF enclosure
    • Automatic standby to conserve power
    • Adjustable Bass and Frequency Bandwidth
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  • edifier pw312


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    • Professional stage-level compression horn tweeter
    • DSP digital audio processing, dynamic amplifier power management
    • Multiple input modes with Bluetooth, Aux input, microphone input, guitar input,
      microSD card and USB input
    • QCC 5.0 Bluetooth chip for long transmission distance, good compatibility
      and strong anti-interference ability
    • Multiple microphone input forms, anti-feedback/reverb control/recording/
      frequency control functions available
    • Battery can last up to 8 hours
    • Simple and top-mounted console, easy to use
    • Indoor and outdoor modes, also accompaniment mode for karaoke
  • edifier-pp506


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    • Professional stage-level compression horn tweeter
    • DSP digital audio processing, dynamic amplifier power management
    • Multiple input modes with Bluetooth, Line in, microphone in, guitar in, microSD card and USB input
    • CSR 5.0 Bluetooth chip for long transmission distance, good compatibility and strong anti-interference ability
    • Multiple microphone input forms, anti-feedback/reverb control/recording/frequency control functions available
    • Battery can last up to 5 hours
    • Simple and top-mounted console, easy to use
    • Indoor and outdoor modes, also accompaniment mode for karaoke
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  • Edifier-X230


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    • 2.1 gaming multimedia speaker
    • High quality wooden subwoofer delivers deep bass
    • 28 watts(RMS) of powerful, crystal-clear sound
    • LED lighting effects enhance your gaming experience
    • Inputs: Bluetooth 4.2, Line in and AUX audio input
    • Convenient control panel for easy volume and light control
  • Edifier-NF651B


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    • 6.5 inch bass
    • 25mm Tweeter
    • cables included
    • 60W high performance
  • edifier-ca7000c


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    • High Performance Digital platform
    • Proffessional Balanced input
    • Alloy Housing for efficient heat dispatch
    • Multiple level protection design
  • CF651A

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    • Two-way split crossover for precise frequency
    • Fast response and exquisite sound
    • 50W High Power for great performance
  • Edifier-G2000


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    • 2.75 inch full-range unit with 16W RMS power output
    • Column-shaped cabinet with backward mega bass port
    • 12 light effects enhance gaming experience
    • Mechanical shift lever easy to control volume
    • Music, Game and Movie sound mode supported
    • Bluetooth/USB sound card/AUX input available
    • Dedicated power adapter for stable and safety power supply
  • C651A

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    • Universal 6.5" speaker suitable for most car model.
    • Coaxial design with high quality PP diaphragm
    • Accessories included in the box
  • R501BT

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    • Class D amplifier with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology
    • 8inch (210mm) woofer driver, 3inch (78mm) satellite speaker driver
    • Bluetooth 5.1
    • Digital display for visual adjustments / settings
    • SD card and USB flash drive reader
    • Multi-functional wireless remote control
    • Built-in high efficiency switching power supply, low standby power consumption

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  • MP120

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    • Bluetooth V5.0 chipset ensures high transmission and lower power consumption
    • Metallic design highlight the stylish and elegant of MP120
    • Dual full-range speakers with passive radiator
    • 4W+4W RMS total power output
    • 2200mAh battery supports up to 19 hours playback in Bluetooth mode
    • Supports Micro SD audio and AUX input
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  • R2750DB

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    • 3-way powered bookshelf speakers
    • Bluetooth v4.1 with CSR technology
    • Sub-out for an independent subwoofer
    • Calibrated bass reflect port in front of the speaker cabinet
    • 5 pin bi-amplifying XLR type speaker cable with angle connectors
    • Class D amplifier system with Digital Signal Processing and electronic tone control technology.
  • S600A

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    • Rated power: 40W
    • Bass unit: 6″
    • Treble unit: 13mm silk dome tweeter
    • Special coating of silk dome tweeter
    • Sensivity: 90 dBA
    • Frequency response: 72Hz-20KHz
  • R1580MB

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    • Bluetooth connection
    • MIC Input
    • Wireless remote
    • Can adjust music volume
    • Powerful bass
    • Wooden cabinet
  • B8

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    • Home theatre soundbar ideal for
    large format TVs
    • High standard acoustic design for
    optimum performance
    • 25mm silk treble unit and 2 3/4” (70mm)
    aluminium diaphragm mid-range unit
    • 8” (210mm) MDF enclosed wireless subwoofer
    • Digital signal processing (DSP) technology
    • HDMI input with ARC (audio return channel)
    • Bluetooth V4.1
    • IR remote control included
    • Digital Display

  • AirPulse A100

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    AirPulse A100

    • Digtal Amplifer With Xmos Processor
    • Active HiFi speakers with Hi Res audio and versatile connections; AUX RCA, PC, USB, Optical and Bluetooth
    • Proprietary horn loaded aluminium ribbon tweet
    • Phil Jones signature 5″ cast frame under-hung coil woofer with hard anodized aluminium cone
    • The USB, Optical Inputs Support Up to 192KHz Input Sample
    • Trabsparent Internal Wiring
  • ST300 – for A300

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    ST300 – for A300

    • Dedicated design to be congruent with A300 speaker
    • The ST300 stands are made with 100% natural MDF material
    • Designed to be an visual extension of the A300
    • Speakers are locked on the stand for maximum stability
    • Optional sand filling features for adding rigidity
    • Dome shaped rubber feet to eliminate vibration
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  • AirPulse ST200 – For A200

    Dedicated design to be congruent with the A200 speaker. Recommended to be used exclusively with A200 to improve sound quality.

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  • SS03 – For S3000Pro

    • All-wood speaker stand from the EDIFIER factory
    • Steady support provided by thicken, high-strength MDF structure
    • Same design language as is used in S3000 Pro speakers
    • Shock absorber mat, protecting both the stand and the floor
    • Precise punch in advance

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  • A300

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    • Horn Loaded Ribbon Tweeter
    • 6.5″ Aluminum Cone Mid-woofer
    • Ultra-Low Distortion Signal Processing And Amplification System
    • Qualcomm aptX
    • XMOS Digital Audio Processor
    • Hi-Res Audio
    • Bluetooth 4.1
    • Transparent Internal Wiring
  • A3-8i

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    • Professional stage-level compression horn tweeter
    • DSP digital audio processing, dynamic amplifier power management
    • Multiple inputs include Bluetooth, AUX line in, microphone in, TF card and USB input
    • Simple console and humanized voice prompts, easy to use
    • Multiple microphone input forms, anti-feedback design
    • Indoor and outdoor modes, also accompaniment mode for karaoke
    • Removable microphone stand, can put on speaker stand

  • Moonlight All-In One Companion Speaker

    Box2s You All-in-one Companion Speaker, boost your productivity at home, at work and at play. Create your personalised soundscape and handle hand’s-free calls wit ha breeze. Catch the latest news and music from your favourite stations with auto FM tuning.

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  • M3600D

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    • THX certificated
    • Class D amplifier
    • (210mm) 8” subwoofer driver
    • DSP digital
    • Volume control on the satellite

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  • S360DB

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    • 2.0 speakers plus wireless subwoofer
    • Hi-Fi class planar diaphragm tweeters
    • 4 inch (105 mm) aluminum mid-range drivers
    • Wireless subwoofer with 8 inch long-throw speaker driver
    • Bluetooth 4.1 with Qualcomm® aptX™ decoder
    • Class-D high efficient amplifier with DSP technology
    • MDF wooden enclosure to reduce sound resonance

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  • Air Pulse A200

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    Air Pulse A200

  • S350DB

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    The Step Beyond Sound

    • Full wooden side panel finish achieves an elegant and luxurious look
    • High resolution and sensitivity for sound leaves ears shocked to the quality of sound
    • Included wireless remote for audio input, volume adjustment and mode switching
    • Inputs supported: coaxial, optical, RCA, AUX, and Bluetooth
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