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    NT-H2 is the further improved second generation of Noctua’s award-winning hybrid thermal compound. Combining the iconic NT-H1’s proven features, superb ease-of-use and renowned long-term stability with a novel, fine-tuned formula of micro particles for even better thermal performance, NT-H2 is an enthusiast-grade paste for the highest demands. Whether it’s air- or water-based cooling, CPU or GPU applications, overclocking or silent systems: NT-H2 will consistently deliver outstanding results and thanks to the included cleaning wipes, it is just as easy to remove as to apply.

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    RM69.00 RM59.00
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    Superb thermal performance.

    • Excellent performance
    • Maximum ease of use & efficient dosage
    • Top-performance right from the start
    • Excellent long-term stability
    • Not electrically conductive, non-corroding
    • Suitable for compressor cooling
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