Month: July 2017

Asian Battleground

Prizes : 1 x 1 Asian Battleground Golden Row Ticket Buy any Inter-Asia’s Products worth more than RM20 and stand a chance win golden row tickets to Asian Battleground! Join Now!   Time Contest closing date: Nov 29, 2017 Winner

Edifier G4, When ExtraBass is not Enough

The Edifier G4 is a new addition of our G series gaming headphone. To date this is one of the bassiest headphones we had, let’s dig into what the Edifier G4 has to offer: The Edifier G4 overview    
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MicroPack BT-760W – The Affordable Blue-Tech Mouse

Recently we start distribute MicroPack product. We are very proud of what MicroPack is introducing to us and would like to share with you on the affordable Blue-Tech Mouse from MicroPack, the MicroPack BT-760W. So what do the BT-760W can
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